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Quote 6106by Anonymous on 14/09/2011

You can teach someone who cares to write columns, but you can't teach someone who writes columns to care.
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    Quote 6113by Anonymous on 14/09/2011

    All in all, I am not surprised that the people who want to unravel the social contract start with young adults. Those who are urged to feel afraid, very afraid, have both the greatest sense of independence and the most finely honed skepticism about government.
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      Quote 6203by Anonymous on 16/09/2011

      The central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears.
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        Quote 9317by Anonymous on 11/07/2012

        We criticize mothers for closeness. We criticize fathers for distance. How many of us have expected less from our fathers and appreciated what they gave us more? How many of us always let them off the hook?
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