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Quote 4091by Anonymous on 15/02/2011

The function of government ought to be: make sure you have good water to drink, somebody picking up the garbage, good roads to drive on, enough electricity to turn your light bulbs and your record player on, and whatever smaller amounts of regulatory assistance is necessary to make this society work.
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    Quote 4692by Anonymous on 25/02/2011

    If you want to get laid, go to college, but if you want an education, go to the library.
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      Quote 8140by Anonymous on 25/04/2012

      There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another.
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        Quote 13789by Anonymous on 03/09/2013

        Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something.
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