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Quote 5990by Anonymous on 11/09/2011

Death can sneak up on you like a silent kitten, surprising you with it's touch and you have a right to act surprised. Other times death stomps in the front door, unwanted and unannounced, and makes it's noisy way to your seat on the sofa.
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    Quote 7019by Anonymous on 16/10/2011

    Share your M&Ms. There are bags and bags of them all over the place. If you give them one of yours, even one of the green ones, you will not be lacking. Honust Injun. Now apply this to Time, Concern, Touch, Interest and Being Vulnerable.
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      Quote 9525by Anonymous on 02/08/2012

      Personally I think birthdays and anniversaries are like menstrual cramps, a regular pain in the ass that's somehow connected to birth.
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