About vrlogrs

'We are Loggers' was publicly released on December 5, 2010 as a database for chat logs. Soon, the vrlogrs' database made room for thousands of quotations from famous people and literature. Distinguishing it from similar sites such as QDB and bash, vrlogrs has become an integration of funny chat logs and famous quotations.

vrlogrs looks to offer a visually appealing AJAX-driven interface for users to enjoy the thousands of user-submitted chats and quotes in our database. The ratings' system allows users to better distinguish between chats and quotes that are actually worth reading and those that are simply a waste of time. We also allow visitors to share our chats and quotes with their friends and family through various social sites, such as facebook, reddit, and twitter.

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Your Thoughts

We are always open to your ideas, opinions, and criticism. Please share your thoughts and experiences with us through our contact page. We expect to keep vrlogrs constantly moderated, to not only accept new chats and quotes, but to also better your experience. Enjoy!