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Daniel Webster (January 18, 1782 - October 24, 1852) was a leading American statesman and senator from Massachusetts during the period leading up to the Civil War. He first rose to regional prominence through his defense of New England shipping interests. Webster's increasingly nationalistic views, and his effectiveness as a speaker, made him one of the most famous orators and influential Whig leaders of the Second Party System. He was a spokesman for modernization, banking and industry, but not for the common people who composed the base of his enemies in Jacksonian Democracy. - Wikipedia

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Quote 530by Anonymous on 05/01/2011

There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange.
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    Quote 536by Anonymous on 05/01/2011

    Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization.
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      Quote 601by Anonymous on 06/01/2011

      The world is governed more by appearances than realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it.
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        Quote 649by Anonymous on 06/01/2011

        Philosophical argument has sometimes shaken my reason for the faith that was in me; but my heart has always assured me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be reality.
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          Quote 1302by Anonymous on 12/01/2011

          The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power.
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            Quote 1348by Anonymous on 12/01/2011

            I mistrust the judgment of every man in a case in which his own wishes are concerned.
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              Quote 1460by Anonymous on 13/01/2011

              Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.
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                Quote 1666by Anonymous on 15/01/2011

                It is my living sentiment, and by the blessing of God it shall be my dying sentiment, independence now and independence forever.
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                  Quote 2484by Anonymous on 30/01/2011

                  God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.
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                    Quote 2494by Anonymous on 31/01/2011

                    If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds and instill into them just principles, we are then engraving that upon tablets which no time will efface, but will brighten and brighten to all eternity.
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                      Quote 2778by Anonymous on 03/02/2011

                      Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens.
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                        Quote 3037by Anonymous on 03/02/2011

                        Justice, sir, is the great interest of man on earth. It is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together.
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                          Quote 3299by Anonymous on 05/02/2011

                          An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, the power to destroy.
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                            Quote 3530by Anonymous on 06/02/2011

                            Wisdom begins at the end.
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                              Quote 3653by Anonymous on 08/02/2011

                              Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government.
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                                Quote 3937by Anonymous on 12/02/2011

                                Failure is more frequently from want of energy than want of capital.
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                                  Quote 4205by Anonymous on 17/02/2011

                                  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.
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                                    Quote 4629by Anonymous on 25/02/2011

                                    Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint.
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                                      Quote 4862by Anonymous on 02/03/2011

                                      A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue.
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                                        Quote 5772by Anonymous on 27/08/2011

                                        I was born an American; I will live an American; I shall die an American.
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                                          Quote 9054by Anonymous on 14/06/2012

                                          The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it.
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                                            Quote 11598by Anonymous on 10/01/2013

                                            Justice is the greatest interest of man on earth.
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                                              Quote 11957by Anonymous on 03/02/2013

                                              Keep cool; anger is not an argument.
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