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Quote 5393by Anonymous on 26/06/2011

My show is my statement. What I have to say is on the screen. My life is my own. I don't want to talk about my private self. Why should I?
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    Quote 5514by Anonymous on 10/07/2011

    You can't expect to hit the jackpot if you don't put a few nickels in the machine.
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      Quote 6323by Anonymous on 18/09/2011

      When you're hot, you're hot; when you're not, you're not.
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        Quote 6856by Anonymous on 12/10/2011

        Funny is an attitude.
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          Quote 12602by Anonymous on 01/05/2013

          Get well cards have become so humorous that if you don't get sick you're missing half the fun.
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            Quote 13098by Anonymous on 20/06/2013

            What you see is what you get.
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              Quote 13192by Anonymous on 27/06/2013

              Violence is a tool of the ignorant.
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