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Quote 4918by Anonymous on 04/05/2011

Hope is the poor man's bread.
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    Quote 5597by Anonymous on 26/07/2011

    Every mile is two in winter.
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      Quote 6134by Anonymous on 14/09/2011

      Living well is the best revenge.
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        Quote 7820by Anonymous on 18/02/2012

        Life is half spent before we know what it is.
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          Quote 9547by Anonymous on 02/08/2012

          War makes thieves and peace hangs them.
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            Quote 11100by Anonymous on 23/11/2012

            Frivolous lawsuits are booming in this county. The U.S. has more costs of litigation per person than any other industrialized nation in the world, and it is crippling our economy.
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              Quote 11883by Anonymous on 29/01/2013

              In conversation, humor is worth more than wit and easiness more than knowledge.
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                Quote 12105by Anonymous on 02/03/2013

                One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.
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                  Quote 13056by Anonymous on 16/06/2013

                  There would be no great men if there were no little ones.
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                    Quote 13512by Anonymous on 30/07/2013

                    A married woman has the same right to control her own body as does an unmarried woman.
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