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Quote 1762by Anonymous on 16/01/2011

As far as I am concerned now, I have no enemies in the press whatsoever.
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    Quote 2492by Anonymous on 31/01/2011

    I wish I could give you a lot of advice, based on my experience of winning political debates. But I don't have that experience. My only experience is at losing them.
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      Quote 3747by Anonymous on 09/02/2011

      I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well I'm not a crook.
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        Quote 3988by Anonymous on 12/02/2011

        Always remember, others may hate you- but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.
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          Quote 4052by Anonymous on 13/02/2011

          When the president does it that means that it is not illegal.
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            Quote 4341by Anonymous on 20/02/2011

            The greatness comes not when things always go good for you. But the greatness comes when you're really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments when sadness comes. Because only if you've been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.
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              Quote 4569by Anonymous on 23/02/2011

              Under the doctrine of the separation of powers, the manner in which the president personally exercises his assigned executive powers is not subject to questioning by another branch of government.
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