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I never rode in an automobile until I was 12.
- Lara Flynn Boyle
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    Quote 668A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.
    Quote 11836Bad is never good until worse happens. - Danish Proverb
    Quote 9895War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands.
    Quote 13053My mother always called me an ugly weed, so I never was aware of anything until I was older. Plain girls should have someone telling them th...
    Quote 2433This will never be a civilized country until we expend more money for books than we do for chewing gum.
    Quote 11697I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.
    Quote 13671You never really hear the truth from your subordinates until after 10 in the evening.
    Quote 6495A true philosopher is like an elephant; he never puts the second foot down until the first one is solidly in place.
    Quote 11718Never tell a secret to a bride or a groom; wait until they have been married longer.

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