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Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.
- Benjamin Disraeli
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    Quote 12930My dad had this philosophy that if you tell children they're beautiful and wonderful then they believe it, and they will be. So I never...
    Quote 9013Generally speaking, historically in this country, the care of a child has been thought of as female business.
    Quote 11478I was always a dreamer, in childhood especially. People thought I was a little strange.
    Quote 7388 Wisdom and spirit of the Universe! Thou soul is the eternity of thought! That giv'st to forms and images a breath And everlasting moti...
    Quote 8816Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to i...
    Quote 7580Genius is no more than childhood recaptured at will, childhood equipped now with man's physical means to express itself, and with the a...
    Quote 13670Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds.
    Quote 6816The problem lay buried, unspoken for many years in the minds of American women. It was a strange stirring, a sense of dissatisfaction, a yea...
    Quote 11028No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution... revolution is but thought carried into action.

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