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Beyond a critical point within a finite space, freedom diminishes as numbers increase. ...The human question is not how many can possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive.
- Frank Herbert
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    Quote 9221Within 10 years it will be impossible to travel to the North Pole by dog team. There will be too much open water.
    Quote 3659Nations crumble from within when the citizenry asks of government those things which the citizenry might better provide for itself.
    Quote 883What we humans are is really a remarkable thing. How can you doubt that we will survive and mature? There may be a lot of wisdom in the old ...
    Quote 12580Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive.
    Quote 10602The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago, had they happened to be within reach of predatory human hands.
    Quote 11533Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.
    Quote 3398Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. Th...
    Quote 5509In human life, art may arise from almost any activity, and once it does so, it is launched on a long road of exploration, invention, freedom...
    Quote 13313Art is on the side of the oppressed. Think before you shudder at the simplistic dictum and its heretical definition of the freedom of art. F...

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