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I came to the realization that there were certain public issues that were most usefully dealt with within some sort of framework of at least my private beliefs, if not my private life.
- Anna Quindlen
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    Quote 2539I never believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man.
    Quote 12165Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.
    Quote 4715The great principle which this house ought to guard and cherish is that, when the tax collector comes to the private citizen and takes from ...
    Quote 8761Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.
    Quote 3708The uniform, constant and uninterrupted effort of every man to better his condition, the principle from which public and national, as well a...
    Quote 7908Imagine for yourself a character, a model personality, whose example you determine to follow, in private as well as in public.
    Quote 7179Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, ...
    Quote 8025I have no problems with private schools. I graduated from one and so did my mother. Private schools are useful and we often use public funds...
    Quote 1006We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.

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