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The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.
- Benjamin Spock
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    Quote 6472In every child who is born under no matter what circumstances and of no matter what parents, the potentiality of the human race is born agai...
    Quote 11298Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.
    Quote 8141It's a great mistake, I think, to put children off with falsehoods and nonsense, when their growing powers of observation and discrimin...
    Quote 9694What is the use of physicians like myself trying to help parents to bring up children healthy and happy, to have them killed in such numbers...
    Quote 6003Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.
    Quote 13262Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence.
    Quote 10306Parents are the last people on earth who ought to have children.
    Quote 3004Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.
    Quote 2996Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.

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