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If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG.
- Bill Gates
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    Quote 4404Bill Gates is the pope of the personal computer industry. He decides who's going to build.
    Quote 4768Without computers, the government would be unable to function at the level of effectiveness and efficiency that we have come to expect. This...
    Quote 11394Even when I work with computers, with high technology, I always try to put in the touch of the hand.
    Quote 2536If the businessman would stop talking like a computer printout or a page from the corporate annual report, other people would stop thinking ...
    Quote 5261Sometimes when I am driving I get so angry at inconsiderate drivers that I want to scream at them. But then I remember how insignificant tha...
    Quote 11678I wouldn't know how to find eBay on the computer if my life depended on it.
    Quote 8789Nanotechnology will let us build computers that are incredibly powerful. We'll have more power in the volume of a sugar cube than exist...
    Quote 10889Security is, I would say, our top priority because for all the exciting things you will be able to do with computers - organizing your lives...
    Quote 7816War would end if the dead could return. - Stanley Baldwin

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